What is a Sunday Golf Bag? A Comprehensive Guide

Mark Crossfield
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If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Sunday golf bags. But what exactly are they, and why are they called “Sunday” bags? Let’s break it down!

As an avid golfer myself, I know the struggles of lugging around a heavy golf bag packed with clubs and accessories. There are times when you just want to head to the driving range or play a quick 9 holes without all that extra weight. This is where a Sunday golf bag comes in handy!

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Sunday golf bags – from their design and purpose to types, key features, and popular models. Let’s tee off!

A Sunday golf bag, as the name suggests, is a small, lightweight golf bag designed for casual weekend play. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Sunday golf bags are intended for easy carrying and minimal accessories.
  • They are much smaller and lighter than standard golf bags.
  • Sunday bags allow you to carry only 6-8 clubs – ideal for quick practice sessions.
  • Key features include portable size, limited storage, and lightweight construction.
  • Popular models include the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag and Titleist Players 4 Sunday Bag.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s take a deeper look into Sunday golf bags and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

Sunday golf bags first emerged in the 1960s as a lightweight alternative to cumbersome pro golf bags. Back then, caddies handled the clubs on weekdays while golfers carried their own bags on Sundays – hence the name.

Here are the distinguishing features of modern Sunday golf bags:

  • Smaller size – Approximately 50-70% smaller than a full-size cart/stand bag.
  • Lightweight build – Weighs 2-4 lbs. vs 5-7 lbs. for a standard bag.
  • Limited club storage – Holds 6-8 clubs comfortably with just 1-3 dividers.
  • Minimal pockets – Usually 1-2 pockets for essentials like balls, tees, etc.
  • Easy-carry straps – Padded single straps or dual backpack-style straps.

The compact design makes Sunday bags perfect for quick trips to the driving range or when you just need to bring a handful of clubs.

What Is A Sunday Golf Bag

Benefits of Using a Sunday Golf Bag

Why use a Sunday golf bag instead of your regular one? Here are some excellent benefits:

  • Increased portability – The lightweight and compact size make for effortless carrying. No more sore shoulders!
  • Reduced fatigue – With less weight on your back, you’ll feel fresher during and after your round.
  • Versatility – Use a Sunday bag for range sessions, short courses, or when carts are limited.
  • Cost-savingsSunday golf bags provide value at a budget-friendly price point.
  • Easy storage – Fits conveniently in a car trunk or locker compared to larger bags.

For casual golfers, seniors, or juniors – a Sunday bag is a practical choice that enhances your experience.

Types of Sunday Golf Bags

When choosing a Sunday golf bag, you’ll encounter two main styles:

Carry Bags

Carry bags are designed for manually toting your clubs on foot. Features include:

  • Single strap (over one shoulder) or dual backpack-style straps
  • Minimalist design with limited pockets
  • Lightweight nylon or polyester construction
  • Strap pads and ventilation for comfort

Cart Bags

Cart bags allow you to fasten the bag to a push/pull cart. Key features:

  • Cart-compatible base with straps or brackets
  • Additional storage pockets compared to carry bags
  • Heavier but still lighter than a full cart bag
  • Water-resistant materials like vinyl

Evaluate your needs to decide which type of Sunday golf bag works best for you. Carry bags provide ultimate portability for walking, while cart bags allow you to store a few more items.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sunday Golf Bag

Keep these key factors in mind when selecting a Sunday golf bag:

Storage Capacity

Consider how many clubs and accessories you need to store. Some Sunday bags hold up to 8 clubs while others max out at 6. Check pocket numbers and size as well.


The lighter the loaded weight, the easier it will be to carry and transport. Look for bags under 4 pounds.

Comfort Features

Padded, adjustable straps are vital for a pleasant carrying experience. Vented panels also help keep you cool.


Ensure the fabric is water-resistant and the zippers, seams, and fasteners are sturdy enough for regular use.

Brand Reputation

Established brands like Callaway, Titleist, and Taylormade often offer better quality and warranty policies.

Prioritize the features most important for your needs and style of play.

When to Use a Sunday Golf Bag

Here are some ideal scenarios to use your Sunday golf bag:

  • Playing pitch and putt courses – Short holes don’t require a full bag of clubs.
  • Visiting the driving range for practice – No need to lug 15 clubs for some bucket hitting.
  • Walking 9-hole courses – Shorter distances make carry bags ideal.
  • Traveling for golf – Compact size helps with airline and car transport.
  • When the course has limited or no carts – Carry just what you need comfortably.
  • Playing with rental clubs – Use your own portable bag to tote rented clubs conveniently.

Any time you want to travel light and minimize fatigue, a Sunday bag does the trick.

Here are 5 top-rated Sunday golf bags worth considering:

Titleist Players 4 Sunday Bag

  • Ultra-lightweight at just 2.2 lbs.
  • 7 club capacity with 2-way club dividers
  • Sleek, compact design with dual shoulder straps

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Sunday Bag

  • Hybrid carry/cart bag with pass-through strap system
  • 14-way padded top to protect club heads
  • 7 total pockets for accessories

Callaway Hyper Lite Zero Sunday Bag

  • 30% lighter than the average carry bag
  • High-density foam straps with 3 comfort pads
  • 4-way top with full-length club dividers

Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

  • Featherlight at just 2.2 lbs. and 8” top diameter
  • Oversized apparel pocket and a beverage sleeve
  • Seven color options are available

Datrek DSB Sunday Golf Bag

  • Affordable price point under $100
  • Stand bag with auto-pop legs and 7 pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap and chest clip

This covers some excellent Sunday golf bags for every budget and carrying preference.

FAQs About Sunday Golf Bags

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Sunday golf bags:

Why do they call it a Sunday bag?

The term “Sunday bag” originated in the 1960s, referring to compact bags that golfers carried when caddies weren’t available on Sundays.

What does a staff golf bag mean?

A staff bag is an extra-large, heavyweight bag used by touring professionals. It can hold a full set of clubs and has intricate dividers and pockets.

How many clubs can you fit in a pencil bag?

A pencil bag is a slim Sunday-style bag that usually fits 1-5 shortened irons and a putter comfortably.

What is a small golf bag called?

Small and lightweight golf bags are known as Sunday, carry, pencil, or minimalist bags. They are designed for easy transport and limited equipment.


To recap, a Sunday golf bag is smaller, lighter, and less featured than a full-size golf bag, allowing you to conveniently carry about 6-8 clubs. With portable storage for just the essentials, it’s perfect for quick trips to the range or course when you don’t need your whole arsenal of clubs and gear.

Consider your personal needs and playing situations, and look for key features like comfortable carry straps, ample yet compact club storage, and lightweight durability from top brands. With the right Sunday golf bag, you can enhance any golfing experience that calls for extra portability and convenience.

So next time you want to walk 9 holes on a sunny weekend, be sure to grab your Sunday golf bag and hit the links in lightweight style! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m always happy to share more golf knowledge and tips.

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