How to Hit a Draw in Golf with Driver: Mastering the Perfect Shot

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Struggling with your golf game and wondering How to Hit a Draw in Golf with Driver? If you’re like many golfers, you know the frustration of not being able to control your ball’s flight path. You’ve probably tried various tips and drills, but still can’t consistently hit that elusive draw.

So, how do you hit a draw in golf with a driver? The key is to create a path that travels inside out, align your body correctly, and adjust your grip and swing mechanics.

If you’re itching to master this skill and find your swing circle, you won’t want to miss what comes next. With my expertise in golf instruction and techniques, I’ll guide you through the essential steps, from grip adjustments to body positioning, to help you hit a draw like a pro. Get ready to avoid those common mistakes and elevate your game to the next level.

Key Facts:

  1. A draw is a shot that curves from right to left for right-handed golfers.
  2. Proper alignment and grip are crucial for hitting a draw.
  3. The swing path should be inside-out for a successful draw.
  4. Clubface rotation plays a significant role in shaping the shot.
  5. Practice drills can help you perfect your draw.

The Fundamentals of Hitting a Draw in Golf with a Driver

What is a Draw and Why is it Important?

A draw is a shot that starts to the right of the target and curves back to the left for a right-handed golfer. For left-handed golfers, it’s the opposite. A draw is essential because it can add extra distance to your shots and help you navigate around obstacles on the golf course. The natural roll of a draw often results in more distance compared to a straight shot.

The Science Behind a Draw

The physics of a draw involve imparting a specific spin on the golf ball during impact. This spin is achieved by an inside-out swing path and a closed clubface at the point of impact. The aerodynamics then take over, causing the ball to curve in the air.

Tip: Understanding the science behind a draw can help you execute it more consistently. Focus on the mechanics, such as swing path and clubface orientation, to get the desired ball spin.

Key Factors for Hitting a Draw with a Driver

How To Hit A Draw In Golf With Driver
how to hit a draw in golf with driver

Alignment: Setting Up for Success

Proper alignment is crucial for hitting a draw. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should be aligned slightly right of the target. This setup promotes an inside-out swing path, which is essential for a draw. Make sure your clubface is aimed at the target, not aligned with your body.

Grip: The Foundation of Your Swing

Your grip plays a pivotal role in hitting a draw. A neutral to slightly strong grip helps in closing the clubface at impact. This means that the V-shape formed by your thumb and index finger on both hands should point between your right shoulder and chin for a right-handed golfer.

Key Takeaway: A strong grip can make it easier to close the clubface, but be cautious. An overly strong grip can result in a hook, not a draw.

Swing Path: The Route to a Perfect Draw

An inside-out swing path is the route to a perfect draw. During your downswing, the club should approach the ball from inside the target line and exit to the right of the target. This swing path imparts the right-to-left spin necessary for a draw.

Clubface Rotation: The Final Touch

Clubface rotation is the final touch in hitting a draw. The clubface should be closed relative to the swing path but open to the target line at impact. This nuanced clubface orientation imparts the necessary spin for a draw.

Tip: Practice rotating your wrists through impact to get the feel of closing the clubface. But remember, it’s a rotation, not a flip.

Practice Drills to Perfect Your Draw

Alignment Stick Drill: Find Your Swing Circle

The Alignment Stick Drill helps you visualize and execute an inside-out swing path. Place an alignment stick on the ground, angled to represent your inside-out swing path. Practice swinging along this path, making sure your clubhead follows the angle of the stick.

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Draw-Biased Driver Drill: Create a Path that Travels Inside Out

The Draw-Biased Driver Drill involves using a driver specifically designed to promote a draw. These drivers often have settings that encourage an inside-out swing path. Practice with this driver to get the feel of what an inside-out path should be like.

Other Effective Drills

  1. Towel Drill: Place a towel under your armpits and make swings without dropping it. This promotes a unified swing and prevents you from coming “over the top,” a common mistake.
  2. Tee Drill: Place a tee in the ground about 6 inches in front of your ball, aligned with the target. Practice hitting the ball and then the tee, encouraging an inside-out path.

Troubleshooting: Common Mistakes and Fixes

Why Isn’t My Ball Drawing?

If your ball isn’t drawing, you might be making common mistakes like aiming too far left or using an open clubface. These errors negate the inside-out swing path and the closed clubface needed for a draw.

How to Fix These Mistakes

To fix these mistakes, focus on your alignment and grip. Make sure you’re aligned slightly right of the target and that your grip is neutral to slightly strong. Revisit the drills mentioned earlier to reinforce these fundamentals.

Key Takeaway: If you’re struggling with your draw, go back to the basics of alignment and grip. These are the foundation of your shot.

FAQs About How to Hit a Draw in Golf with Driver

What is the Ball Position to Draw a Driver?

The ball should be positioned inside the lead heel to promote an upward strike, which is conducive for a draw.

How Do You Hit a Draw for Beginners?

Beginners should focus on the fundamentals: proper alignment, a neutral to strong grip, and an inside-out swing path.

How to Hit a Draw and Fade with Driver?

For a draw, align your body right of the target and swing inside-out. For a fade, do the opposite: align left and swing outside-in.


In summary, learning how to hit a draw in golf with a driver involves understanding and implementing key fundamentals like alignment, grip, and swing path. These elements work together to impart the right-to-left spin necessary for a draw. So, if you’ve been struggling to hit that perfect draw, go back to these basics and practice, practice, practice. Are you ready to elevate your game to the next level?

By adhering to these guidelines and incorporating the tips and drills, you’ll not only optimize your chances of hitting a draw but also deeply resonate with your fellow golfers looking to improve their game. So, what’s stopping you from hitting the perfect draw?

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