How Fast Does a 48 Volt Golf Cart Go: Truth and Hacks for More Speed

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Ever wondered, “How Fast Does a 48 Volt Golf Cart Go?” If you’re a golf cart owner or enthusiast, you’ve likely pondered this question while cruising down the fairway or navigating your property. Maybe you’re considering a 48-volt golf cart and want to know if it will meet your speed expectations.

So, how fast can a 48 volt golf cart go? The answer is straightforward: A standard 48-volt golf cart can travel between 12 to 14 miles per hour. However, with some modifications, you can push that speed up to 20 to 24 mph.

Curious to know more? Stick around. As an expert in golf cart performance and modifications, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of 48-volt golf cart speeds, how they compare to 36-volt and 72-volt carts, and what you can do to enhance their performance. Whether you’re interested in golf cart velocity, electric vs gasoline options, or tips on increasing your cart’s speed, this blog post has got you covered.

Key Facts:

  1. A standard 48-volt golf cart typically travels between 12 to 14 mph.
  2. Modifications can increase the top speed to around 20 to 24 mph.
  3. 48-volt golf carts are generally more powerful than 36-volt carts.
  4. Upgrading the controller, installing larger tires, and removing the governor are common modifications.
  5. Safety and legal considerations are crucial when modifying your golf cart for higher speeds.

How Fast Does a 48 Volt Golf Cart Go: The Basics

A standard 48-volt golf cart goes between 12 to 14 mph. Now, that’s the average speed, but several factors can affect this, including battery voltage, motor size, tires, load, and terrain. Let’s dive into these elements to understand how each contributes to your cart’s speed.

What’s the Role of Battery Voltage in Speed?

Higher voltage generally leads to faster speeds. A 48-volt system will typically outperform a 36-volt system in both speed and torque. The higher voltage provides the motor with more power, allowing for better performance, especially when tackling hills or carrying loads.

Tip: If you’re choosing between a 36-volt and a 48-volt golf cart, go for the 48-volt if speed and power are important to you.

How Does Motor Size and Power Affect Speed?

The larger the motor, the faster the golf cart can go. Upgrading your motor can be a straightforward way to increase speed. Popular motor upgrades include swapping out the stock motor for one with higher RPMs or more horsepower.

Key Takeaway: A motor upgrade can significantly boost your golf cart’s speed but remember to consider compatibility with your existing system.

How Do Tires Impact Golf Cart Speed?

Larger tires can increase your golf cart’s speed. The size and surface area of your tires can affect both speed and acceleration. Larger tires cover more ground per rotation, effectively increasing your cart’s speed.

Tip: When upgrading tires for speed, make sure they are compatible with your golf cart’s make and model.

How Do Load and Terrain Affect Speed?

Heavy loads and hilly terrains can slow down your golf cart. The more weight your cart carries, the harder the motor has to work, reducing your speed. Similarly, uphill terrains can significantly slow down your cart.

Key Takeaway: For optimal speed, be mindful of the load you’re carrying and the terrain you’re traversing.

Hacks to Increase Your 48 Volt Golf Cart Speed

How Fast Does A 48 Volt Golf Cart Go

You can increase your 48-volt golf cart’s speed through modifications like upgrading the controller, installing larger tires, and removing the governor. Let’s explore these options.

Upgrading the Controller for More Speed

A better controller can significantly improve your golf cart’s speed and performance. The controller acts as the brain of your golf cart, dictating how much power is sent to the motor. Upgrading to a more advanced controller can give you better control over your cart’s speed.

Tip: Always consult a professional when upgrading your controller to ensure compatibility and safe installation.

Installing Larger Tires for Better Speed

Larger tires can improve your golf cart’s speed. As mentioned earlier, larger tires cover more ground per rotation, which can increase your cart’s speed. However, make sure to choose tires that are compatible with your cart’s make and model.

Key Takeaway: Larger tires can be a cost-effective way to increase your golf cart’s speed.

Removing the Governor: Is It a Good Idea?

Removing the governor can increase speed but comes with risks. The governor is a device that restricts your golf cart’s speed. While removing it can make your cart faster, it can also make it less safe and may void any existing warranties.

Tip: If you decide to remove the governor, make sure to adhere to all safety guidelines and legal restrictions.

Safety Considerations When Driving a Fast Golf Cart

Safety should be your top priority when modifying your golf cart for higher speeds. High speeds can be dangerous, especially on public roads or uneven terrains.

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Modifying your golf cart for higher speeds may not be legal in some areas. Always check local and state laws before making any modifications, especially if you plan to drive on public roads.

Key Takeaway: Always adhere to local laws and regulations when modifying your golf cart.

FAQs About How Fast Does a 48 Volt Golf Cart Go

How fast can a modified 48-volt golf cart go?

A modified 48-volt golf cart can go between 20 to 24 mph, depending on the modifications.

The legality of driving a modified golf cart on public roads varies by location. Always check local laws.

What are the benefits of having a faster golf cart?

A faster golf cart can offer better performance, especially on hilly terrains or when carrying heavy loads.

What are the drawbacks of having a faster golf cart?

Higher speeds can be dangerous and may not be legal in some areas. They can also put more strain on your cart’s motor and battery.


In summary, a standard 48-volt golf cart can travel between 12 to 14 mph, but with some strategic modifications, you can push that speed up to 20 to 24 mph. Whether you’re considering a new golf cart or thinking about modifying an existing one, it’s crucial to understand the factors that affect speed, from battery voltage and motor size to tires and terrain. Always prioritize safety and legality when making any modifications. So, are you ready to give your golf cart a speed boost?

By adhering to these guidelines and tips, you can not only increase your golf cart’s speed but also do it safely and legally. Happy cruising!

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